Job queue

Use the Job Queue to view and retrieve the files you have imported or exported from your catalog.

The Job Queue shows the progress or status of import and export jobs. When a job completes (or fails), you can see job details such as any warnings or errors that occurred, and the file processed by the job.

Import and export jobs for products and digital rights appear in the Job Queue. The system processes import and export jobs in the queue in the order they received, but you can run more than one job at the same time. The number of jobs that can run at the same time and the time it takes to process a job depends on the size of each job.

The Job Queue shows two tabs: Export Jobs and Import Jobs. The Export Jobs tab shows all the exported jobs within the last 15 days. The Import Jobs tab shows all imported jobs within the last 15 days. The lists for both Exports Jobs and Import Jobs tabs automatically refresh every 60 seconds.

When a red stop sign appears next to an item in the list, an error occurred. Fix the problem and try again. You cannot deploy products until you resolve all problems.