Configuring the offer's content

Use the Display Content step to enter your sales pitch, images, and other text. The POP (for the offer itself and for products in the offer) uses this information when it shows the offer in your store. If you do not select a POP, then only the "offer description in cart" display content appears in this step (all other offer types use the offer description in the cart regardless of POP).

Depending on the offer type, there may be a Product pane for each product in the offer. You need to enter the display content for each product in the offer. If you set up the offer to support multiple locales, you also have to provide display content for each locale for a product in the offer. See Localizing offers for more information.

Note that if you chose to restrict the offer to specific locales, you should enter locale-specific content for the offer in this step. If you do not provide content for the supported locales, the system uses the content for the default (base) locale.

Note: You can enter display content as straight text or HTML. You can also use other types of content if your store supports it.

Example: You can use links or paths to images and other files.

If you want to use specialized display content with your offers and POPs, contact your Store Operations team. They will work with you and the Digital River Site Design team to set up your store to support advanced display content.

For more information on the offer description in cart including how it appears on a store, see Offer Description in Cart.

If you are creating a custom bundle offer, you need to enter names for the product groups you created for the offer. See How to create custom bundle offers for more information.

Note: Site Design team often customizes the display content for each individual store. This section serves as a guide for when you have to enter display content for specific POPs and offer types. If you have questions about what display content you store uses, contact your Store Operations team.

The following image shows where the display content elements appear within a POP. The display content elements create the offer image. Note that this image shows the default display content format. If you customized the display content format for your store, it will look different from the image shown here.

offer display content

The POP used by the offer determines when an offer uses each display content element. This means you do not have to define all display content elements because the offer does not use some of the elements. The following image shows a sample POP and highlights the display content areas.

Display content schema

You can set up POPs in the offer to show any product attributes. By default, most POPs show the product name, image, and pricing. You can have your customize your store to show other attributes such as any Custom Family Attributes you use in your store.