Creating a volume license plan

Create the volume license plan (VLP) you want to use in your store. You can create multiple VLPs for your store, but a product can only be part of one VLP at a time. Once you retire a plan, you cannot activate it again, but you can copy a retired plan and deploy the copy as needed. You will need the Pricing ManagerClosedThis user role allows the user to create and edit price lists and volume license plans. role to create a volume license plan.

When you create a volume license plan, you add the products that you want to the plan to control pricing for the plan and define the pricing tiers in the plan. Once you activate the plan on your site, the system uses the volume pricing discounts in the plan for purchases of products within the plan.

To learn how to create a volume license plan, see How to create a volume license plan. Once you create (and deploy) a plan, volume licensing should be available in your store.