Creating a price list

Use price lists to define how you want to convert product prices from the default currency to other currencies for different locales. To learn more about price lists and pricing, see Managing price lists.

Create Price List attributes

Attribute Description
Site The name of the site associated with this price list.
Name Type the name of the price list. You use the name for identification purposes. The shoppers do not see this name on your site.

You can create multiple versions of each price list type as long as you do not set one price list to begin while another price list is still active. You can assign one price list per each type for each catalog on your site. Most sites have one catalog, but you may have more depending on your business model and need.

Use the start and end dates correctly to ensure that you have constant (but not overlapping) coverage by a price list of a certain type in your store.

Choose one of the following options:

  • List—Select this type when you want to define the standard price for products without promotions. This is the default price list used by all stores. The system gets the pricing for your products from this list to display in your storefront.

  • MSRP—The manufacturer's suggested retail price. Select this type when you want to use the product manufacturer's recommended price when selling the product in a store. This may or may not match the list price. Product resellers often use this price list when selling a product manufactured by someone else.
  • Custom—Select this type when you want to set a custom price that differs from the price entered in other price lists.
  • Cost of Goods (COGS)—Select this type when you want to set a cost to create the product. (That usually includes materials, production costs, and production labor.) COGS usually do not include sales costs, distribution costs, or other costs indirectly related to the creation of a product.
  • Subscription Renewal—Select this type when your store sells subscription products, and you want to create a subscription renewal price list when the subscription price is different from the initial product price. If you do not create a subscription renewal price list, the product will use the initial product price for all renewals.

    Note: The list and subscription renewal price list types are the only types that will work in your store without any custom work by our Site Design team. You can only use the other price list types when special pricing is required. Contact your Store Operations team to learn how you can use one of the other types of price lists in your store.

Catalog The name of the catalog associated with this price list.
Default Currency

When you create a price list, you must choose the default currency. Enter a price in the default currency for all your products. The system uses the default currency price to calculate prices for other locales if you did not enter a price for a product in the currencies used by your supported locales. For more information on how the system calculates prices for supported locales, see Localizing Prices and Supported Currencies for more information.

Once you save the price list, you cannot change the default currency. So make sure you select the right one. If you want to change the default currency, you will have to create a new price list and set the current price list to expire so the new price list will be the active price list in your store.

Only supported currencies appear in this list.
Start Date

The start date represents the date when the price list becomes effective. By default, the system shows the current date as the start date. You can also specify a start time, but this is not required.

Note that the system disables the fields for setting time when you select Subscription Renewal for the Type.

End Date

The end date represents the date when the price list expires. If you do not specify an end date, the price list remains in effect until you choose to retire it. You can also specify an end time, but this is not required.

Note that the system disables the fields for setting time when you select Subscription Renewal for the Type.

Prices Include Value Added Tax (VAT)

Select this checkbox when the prices in the price list include value-added tax (VAT). When you select this option, all the pricing you enter in the price list should include VAT, and your store should be set up to indicate that pricing includes VAT when a shopper views a product.

How to create a price list

  1. Select Catalog, select Pricing & Plans, and then choose one of the following options:

    • Click Create Price List.
    • Click Manage Price Lists and then click Create Product Create Price List.

    The Create Price List page appears.

  2. Complete the fields and click Save. See Create Price List attributes for more information.
  3. Complete the fields on the Price List Details Page and then click Save. See Price List Details attributes for more information.
  4. Click Done.