Approving pending partners

Before you approve or decline a registered partner, their status is "pending." Pending partners cannot access the partner plan or make a purchase.

Once you approve a partner, they can access the partner plan you have given them access to and make a purchase. If you do not approve a partner (by either declining them or just never approving them), they will not be able to access the partner plan or make a purchase.

Approve Pending Partners attributes

Attribute Description
Account ID

The account ID.

Partner Plan

The name of the partner plan.

Application Date The date when the pending partner applied for approval.
Company Name

The partner's company name.

First Name

The partner's first name.

Last Name

The partner's last name.


The partner's email address.

How to approve or decline pending partners

  1. Select Catalog, select Pricing & Plans, and then Approve Pending Partners. If you have pending partners to approve or decline, a message appears at the top of the Approve Pending Partner page indicating how many partners are awaiting your decision. Only partners with the status of pending or declined will appear on this page. Partners with a status of active, inactive, or declined will appear on the Manage Partners page. See Managing partners for more information.
  2. To filter the results in the Approve Pending Partners list, complete the fields under Search and Filters, and click Search Search. The results appear in the Approve Pending Partners list.
  3. To select one or more partners from the list, select the checkbox next to each partner you want to approve or decline or select the checkbox next to the Account ID column header to select all partners.
  4. Click Approve or Decline. If you are declining partners, a message appears prompting you to confirm that you want to decline these partners from the partner plan.