Product Combination

Prerequisite: You must enable Product Combination before you can select this option. See How to enable product combinations for more information.

Use the Product Combination step select the product components for a Product Combination. A Product Combination consists of multiple individual products that you can sell as a single unit. Use the Product Components page to define pricing and digital rights for each of the variations. Use a Product Combination to:

  • Allow clients to avoid channel conflict issues on price.
  • Allow shoppers to purchase a product combination that consists of multiple individual products within the product combination.
  • Ensure that prices of the individual product that make up the product combination do not appear until after the Thank You page.

Note: The Product Components step only appears when you select the Product Combination (with Components) option on the Setup Product page.

The options and fulfillment methods that appear here are the ones you selected in Product Settings.

Note: You can edit the component properties after you create the product.