Configuring company settings

Use the Configure Company Settings page to configure your company's settings.

Note: When you save this page, the system immediately applies your changes (unless otherwise indicated).

General tab

Attribute Description
Account Information
Account Manager Name Provide the name of the Account ManagerClosed A group of customers at which a company aims its products or services..
Account Manager Photo

Provide a photo of the Account Manager.

Key Revocation Reasons
Revocation Reasons

Key revocation reason determines when you can withdraw a key for a product. A customer cannot use a revoked key to unlock or use products protected by digital rights. You can choose one or more of the Revocation Reasons:

  • Dispute - Line item
  • Dispute - Amount
  • Fraud - Suppression
  • Return - Product
  • Return - Satisfaction
  • Declined - Settlement
  • Preload - Cancel
Private Store Exclusive Products

When enabled, Private Store Exclusive Products allows you to restrict products to Private Stores only. When you enable this feature and configure products as Available for Private Store only, shoppers cannot see or purchase these products in Public Store.

Product Combination
Product Combinations

Product Combinations allow you to create products that combine one or more products in your catalog. You can then customize pricing for the combination to incentivize shoppers to purchase the product.

Weighting Allocation

Weighting Allocation allows you to configure each component product's overall weighting allocation value using a percentage. This feature requires HGOP2 integration to enable a user to set the weighting allocation.

Product End of Life Notification

When enabled, Notification allows you to send an end-of-life notification email.

Email Address

Provide the recipient's email address for the end-of-life notification.

Best Practices: Use a group email address rather than an individual's email address to ensure someone receives the notification.

Product External Reference Number
Enforce Unique Value When enabled, a user can only specify a unique product external reference number when creating a product.
Product Locking
Locking When enabled, Locking allows you to lock a product when you are editing the product details to avoid interruptions from other people.
Restricted Product Restricted Product allows you to restrict who can see or edit specific products when enabled.
Source of Product Image
Third party URL When enabled, Third Party URL allows you to enter a URL for product images rather than uploading files to the system. Images will not appear if the outside source is unavailable. Third-party images are not scanned for viruses and should not be copyrighted.
Subscription Plans When enabled, you can use subscription plans to create or manage complex subscription products for your store.

Fulfillment tab

Attribute Description
Custom Shipping/In Stock Timeframe Message
Custom Shipping/In Stock Timeframe Message When enabled, Digital River shows a custom message on the product details page that indicates when the item will ship. When you also enable Automatic Shipping/In Stock Message, the custom message overrides the system-generated message when provided. Note that site design changes are required before you implement this feature.

Order History tab

Attribute Description
Cross Site Sharing Cross Site Sharing allows a consolidated view of a shopper's order history across participating sites owned by a single company when enabled. The shopper can access this information from an account associated with a participating site.

Security tab

Attribute Description
Geo-location Master Switch When enabled, the system automatically redirects the shopper to the storefront experience based on their country and language combination.
Remove Removes a geo-location.
Add Adds a geo-location.
Country/Langauge Country/Langauge displays the country and language associated with the website.
URL URL displays the website associated with the country and language.
Country Select a country from the list.
Browser Language

Choose the browser language. The following options are available:

  • Unmatched Language
  • Supported Locale—Select a supported locale from the list.
Custom URL Enter the website associated with this country and locale. The website must start with http:// or https://.

Subscriptions tab

Attribute Description
Account Updates for External Subscriptions This feature protects your customer relationships by quickly and easily updating their payment account information. Card account information changes for many reasons, including card expirations, lost or stolen cards, and so on. This feature helps you prevent an interruption to customer service and reduce customer churn. To take advantage of this feature, contact your Digital River Account Manager.

How to configure company settings

  1. Select Administration, select Company, and then click Configure Company Settings. The Configure Company Settings page appears.
  2. Complete each tab on the Configure Company Settings page, then click Save.

How to enable product combinations

Before you create a Product Combination (with components), you must enable product combinations.

  1. Select Administration, select Company, and then click Configure Company Settings. The Configure Company Settings page appears.
  2. From the General tab, scroll down to the Product Combination panel and toggle the button to Enabled.
  3. Click Save.

    See Product setup for more information.

How to configure when key revocations occur

The custom integrations feature allows you to create integrations that revoke a serial number or unlock code after certain events (such as a refund) happen for a product or an order. You can configure the specific events you want to trigger a revoke to occur.

  1. Select Administration, select Company, and then click Configure Company Settings. The Configure Company Settings page appears.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Under Key Revocation Reasons, select the reasons when you can withdraw a key for a product. Note that the reasons you choose apply to all key revocation integrations. You cannot configure the reasons per integration.
    • Dispute - Line Item
    • Dispute - Amount
    • Fraud - Suppression
    • Return - Product
    • Return - Satisfaction
  4. When you are done, click Save.

How to enable account updates for external subscriptions

  1. Select Administration, select Company, and then click Configure Company Settings. The Configure Company Settings page appears.
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Select Disabled. The button toggles to Enabled.
  4. Click Save.