Edit Product Pricing

Use the Edit Product Pricing page to change a product's pricing.

Edit Product Pricing attributes

Attribute Description

The currency associated with the locale.


The name of the locale.

Price Enter the price for the product.
Allow Zero

When selected, indicates you can sell the product for a price of 0.

Example: The price of the product in USD is $0 as part of a promotion or giveaway product.

Calculated Price The price of the product for the current locale using the conversion method you chose for the default currency.
Effective Dates

The dates when the product pricing is effective.

How to edit a product's price

You can edit a product's price. When you click Edit Pricing in the taskbar, the pricing information for the product in each associated catalog appears.

When editing the pricing, note the following:

  • The system organizes price lists by catalog. Most sites have only one catalog, but sites with multiple catalogs will see price lists organized by the catalogs for the site.
  • The price list names and types appear in the gray bars that separate the price lists for the catalog.

  • Each price list will contain a row where you can enter pricing for specific currencies supported by the list.
  • The currency determines when the system uses pricing.

    Example: When you enter pricing for AUD (Australian dollars) that price will only appear to shoppers who are using the Australia locale.

  1. Search for the product. See How to search for a product for instructions.
  2. Select the product's name from the Products list. The Edit Product page appears.
  3. From the Edit Product page, click Edit Pricing. The Edit Product Pricing page shows the price list for each catalog associated with the product.
  4. In the Price field, enter the product's price for each currency. When editing the pricing, note the following:
    • There may be more than one price list so you may have to enter the same price for a single currency in more than one place.
    • If you do not enter a price for a currency in a locale, the system will use the price you set for the same currency type in another locale.
    • If you do not enter a price for a specific currency, the system will convert and use default locale's price.
  5. To allow a price of zero, select Allow Zero.

    Example: The product is part of a promotion or will be a free/give-away product.

  6. Click Save.