The catalogs you assigned to the product in Catalogs and Categories determines the price lists you can use with the product. Use the Pricing step to define the price for the product in the supported locales and currencies.

Pricing attributes

Attribute Description
Price List Name The name of the price list.
Price List Type The type of price list.
Currency Displays the currency for the product. If you chose the Product Combination (with Components) template on the Product Setup page, click the Expand Expand button to display the components associated with the product.

The name of the locale.

Price Type the price of the product corresponding to the product's locale in the Locale column.
Allow Zero

When selected, indicates you can sell the product for a price of 0.

Example: The price of the product in USD is $0 as part of a promotion or giveaway product.

Effective Dates

The dates when the product pricing is effective.

Renewal Price Lists Select the subscription renewal price list you want to use when a shopper renews a subscription product.