Use the Users options to manage user access to features and options within the Global Commerce.

User roles

When a user logs on to Global Commerce, the menu items they see and the features they can use vary based on their assigned roles and access to each company and site. To learn how to assign roles to a user, see Creating a user.

Companies and sites

Your Global Commerce account and online store are organized into the highest level of structure and organization, called a "company." A company owns one or more sites (stores), where each site has its catalog of products.

Your user profile determines which companies and sites you can access and assigns roles to you for each company and site. A company can have subordinate companies with sites with catalogs and products, but most accounts only have one company.

If you have access to a company, you can also access any subordinate companies within the parent company. However, some features like reporting may require you to log in separately to access data about subordinate companies.

Company roles versus site roles

There are two types of roles in Global Commerce: company roles and site roles. Each type controls different levels of access.

The company roles provide access to company-level features, such as Reporting and User Management. The company roles assigned to a user are the same for each site within the company.

On the other hand, the site roles provide access to site-level features, such as Site Pulse and Marketing. The site roles assigned to a user are specific only to their given site or store. You can assign different roles to a user for each site or store.

The main thing you should know about role mapping between Global Commerce and Big Blue is that, in many cases, Big Blue roles affect what you can see and do in Global Commerce as much as Global Commerce roles. If you are trying to figure out how to get access to a feature (or why your client does not have access), it may be the result of a Big Blue role.

As an internal user, your Big Blue roles grant you access to Global Commerce features that would be inaccessible if you were a client. The Big Blue roles override any platform restrictions for internal users.

External users face a conflict with Big Blue and Global Commerce's roles, which differ from internal users. The platform and Global Commerce role regulations determine what an external user can view and access. The Big Blue roles an external user possesses are independent of what they can see or do in the same manner described above for internal users.

The Sales Agent and Sales Agent Supervisor roles

The following table shows the features available by the Sales Agent or Sales Agent Supervisor role under Customer Service.

Feature Description Sales Agent Sales Agent Supervisor
Request Refund Requests a refund for one or more items in the order. See Initiating a refund for more information.    
Submit Return Returns one or more items in the order. See Initiating a return for more information.    
Replace an Order Requests a replacement for one or more items in the order. See Replacing a product for more information.    
Request Cancellation Requests a cancellation for one or more items in the order. See Cancelling an order for more information.
Resend Confirm Email Sends the Order Confirmation email to the shopper again. See Resend Confirm Email for more information.
Send Password Email Sends the shopper an email with their order password. See Send Password Email for more information.  
Change Order Password Changes the password associated with the order. See Change Order Password for more information.    
View Customer Invoice View the invoice or receipt for the order.
Retrieve VAT Receipts View VAT receipts for the order. See Retrieve VAT Receipts for more information.  
Complete Order Complete an order. See Complete Order for more information.
Enquire Payment Status View information on the payment status. See Enquire Payment Status for more information.    

Enable Order

When the order is in the fraud state, allows you to enable the order again.

Remove Personal Info

Removes shopper's personal information from the order.

See How to log the shopper's request to remove personally identifiable information (PII) for more information.

Fraud View

Shows the Order Details page with fraud related options. Only users with the right role can see this button.

Search Orders Search for orders. See Searching for orders for more information.
View Wallet Summary View wallet information including balance.    
Change Account Used only by Microsoft store. Appears when a shopper submits an order that is not a subscription and the order is in process or the complete state. Moves an order from the original user to another user.
Edit Shopper Details Changes the information the shopper used for the order such as login name, shipping and billing addresses, and credit card information. See How to edit the shopper's account information for more information. Can view shopper details, but not edit them.
Edit Email Address Allows you to edit the email address associated with the order. See How to change the shopper's email address for more information.  
Edit Shipping Address Allows you to edit the shipping address for the order. See How to edit an order's shipping address for more information.  
View Shopper Information View information on the shopper. See Managing an order summary for more information.
View Storefront Opens the store. See Site for more information.
View Site Information

View the following site information:

  • Customer Service information such as email, phone number, fax number, and so on.
  • Technical Support information such as email address, URL, and phone number.

See Site ID for more information.

View Previous Refunds and Returns Shows information on previous refunds and returns for the order. See Previous Refunds and Returns    
View Previous Replacements Shows information on previous replacements. See Previous Replacements for more information.    
Download Products (link appears on pop-up on Order Details) Allows you to download a product's application file on purchase. See Start Download for more information.    
Request Return (link appears on pop-up on Order Details) Allows you to request a return for a line item.    
Manage Digital Rights

Allows you to manage digital rights for the order, including the following tasks:

  • Increase downloads
  • Increase number of IP addresses
  • Extend download period
  • Start download
  • Update serial number
  • Update unlock code
  • Update SPN number
  • Update SLM number
  • Display entitlement manager
  • Resubmit other fulfillment

See Digital Rights for more information.

Download Application File Allows you to download the application download file associated with the product. See Download Options for more information.    
View Subscription Info

View information on the subscription.

When viewing the subscription information, you can edit the shipping address for the subscription. See How to view and modify subscription information for more information.