Configuring the Product Import and Export spreadsheet

Use this tool to set up the spreadsheets used by the Products Import and Export tool. You can choose which fields you want to appear in the blank product template and the field data. A configured product spreadsheet template allows you to quickly set up products in the spreadsheet. It also reduces the time it takes to process the imported or exported spreadsheet.

Note: To get a configured the Product Import and Export spreadsheet template for your company, contact your Store Operations team. They can help you determine what changes to make and configure it for you. (This feature is only available to Internal UsersClosedAn internal Digital River user of Global Commerce. Internal users have access to features or settings that clients do not. These features or settings could really affect commerce on the store or is complicated to set up or manage.).

The Product Import and Export spreadsheet template is similar to the Product Template. You can use it to define which settings and attributes appear when you create or edit a product with the spreadsheet. There is one configured Product Import and Export template per company. The spreadsheets for all sites/stores within your company use the same template.

Best Practices: Ensure any configuration changes you applied to the Product Import and Export spreadsheet template you also applied to the Product Template. See Product Setup for more information. This ensures the fields that appear in the spreadsheet match the fields in the user interface (UI). This also reduces confusion and possible configuration errors when you create or edit products using both methods.