Supported Locales

When you set up your store, you specified a default locale. Your store automatically shows the language and currency of the default locale. Use the Supported Locales step to add supported locales for your product.

When you localize a product:

  • You can change a product's default locale without changing the global default locale settings in your store.

  • You can provide localized content for each product. A tab appears for each locale you select where you can enter the localized content.

    Note: If you select Display Product and do not select the Purchasable option for your product, you can set ECCN to Not Applicable. If you are not selling the product, you do not have to set the export control options.

  • A shopper can purchase products from any locale within any defined export controls. To restrict purchasing and visibility to selected locales, select the Restrict Product Visibility and Purchasing to Locales Below checkbox.