Site Optimizer tests

Use the Site Optimizer to create A/B tests for your store. The Site Optimizer uses A/B testingClosed The method used by Site Optimizer to compare two or more promotions or content layouts simultaneously. The test splits shoppers visiting a site into two groups (group A and group B). Each group sees a different promotion or page layout. Using this method, you can see which promotion or approach worked best based on sales and other site metrics. to analyze the effectiveness of marketing offers and content layouts.

Site Optimizer tests consist of test levels. A test level is a marketing offer or content layout that you run against a similar test level (offers or content layouts). You must create the marketing offers or content layouts you want to a test before you create the Site Optimizer test.

Example: You want to determine which promotion results in more orders: free shipping for orders over $50 or 10% off orders over $50. To test these two offers:

  1. Create two marketing offers (one with free shipping on orders over $50 and one with a 10% discount on orders over $50) and set the trigger for these offers to Site Test.
  2. Create a Site Optimizer test for these two offers and see which offer results in more orders.
  3. When you decide which offer is best for your store, promote the winning offer to your store and end the test.

Note: If you do not see Site Optimizer Tests in the Marketing menu, contact your Store Operations team to learn how you can enable Site Optimizer for your store.