Email notifications

You can configure Global Commerce to send email notifications to shoppers or clients when a specific event occurs. You can use the email notifications feature to:

  • Add an email notification template for a specific locale
  • Customize the message contained in the body of the email notification template
  • Change the text or branding in an email notification template
  • Preview changes to the body of an email notification template
  • Send a test email to see how the email notification will look in various email clients

    Example: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and so on

  • Save a draft of the email notification template
  • Delete an email notification template

This feature consists of the following pages:

  • Email Notifications—Use this page to locate and access your email notifications.
  • Email Notification—Use this page when you want to view or manage the details of a specific email notification for your site and supported locales. Each email notification contains a set of email notification templates.
  • Email Notification Template—Use this page to manage the templates for specific locales. An email notification template contains the body of an email for a specific locale. You can create a template for each locale and customize the message based on that locale for your site.